Chuck Ragan and the Meaning of Life

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The night began with my pals Stu and Bill playing acoustic Lowtalker songs and covers, followed by the super talented Dan (Carpenter) premiering his new project, Indian Affairs. My friends never cease to impress me. It’s going to be hard to leave nights like these.

Closing the night was Chuck Ragan, who played a long set of fantastic songs, performed by a simple yet surprisingly full three-piece. The 2nd last song was a cover of “Bleeder”, to which I shouted along to with some of my closest friends. Perfect night.



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Check this guy out, saw him last week open for Against Me! and he was really great. ¬†While I don’t buy sensitive love songs from a guy with face tattoos (pretty sure he’d bone me and then never call me again), his tunes are great. ¬†Sara Quin co-produced the record so it’s in the dark pop vein of T&S.


Guess I’ll Start This Again

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In the interest of brevity and trying to keep things interesting, I’m going to try this again. While generally feeling like my opinions should be heard by all, I’m never very good at keeping up with stuff like this.

This rather pointless post serves as an iPhone test, most of my photos come via this box anyway.

Please enjoy this blurry, low-res photo of the magic that is Against Me! in a sweaty box in Seattle.

Lazy Susan

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Sorry, I have been delinquent. On the road blah blah blah.

Check out the new video for Lazy Susan by Sweet Thing.


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… was awesome! My favourite parts were the Demon Strings section of 7 babes dressed like sailors playing violin and cello, two drummers, the perfectly-synced video and live performance, Mick Jones, Damon Albarn, De La Soul, and of course, Paul Simonon playing this bass line!

I can’t embed but watch the video for Feel Good Inc. HERE.

tube your enthusiasm

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I have since lost touch with Gabe, but it’s still my favourite Halloween video.