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Watson, A.I. and the Future

Posted in Love, Science Fiction, Videos on February 16, 2011 by readmoremusic

I am LOVING Watson.  Finally my super-nerdy obsession interest in Science Fiction is hitting the mainstream.  The PBS news report below gives a comprehensive, yet concise, explanation of Watson, the IBM SuperComputer that is kicking human ass at Jeopardy!, so I will save my words for opinion and posturing.

As an avid fan of Science Fiction, perhaps I should be more frightened than most about this advance in artificial intelligence, but I am actually really excited.  I’ve devoured books on the subject, hoping that in my lifetime I’d see self-driving cars and androids who think they’re human.  After all, the question of “What is Human?” is one of my favourite dilemmas explored in classic and modern science fiction.  What defines humanity?  If you look, act, and think like a human, are you?  How do you know if you are a human or a machine, anyway?  Memories of a childhood?  What about implanted memories a la “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”/”Blade Runner”?  If something as micro as the media can be used to control the population, who’s to think that this control doesn’t exist on a super-awesome-macro level?  Is The Matrix that hard to believe?  So many questions.

I don’t actually believe I will live to see a world with technology as advanced as in my favourite books and movies, but any time Sci Fi bleeds into reality, I am pumped!

The answer is 42.


Lazy Susan

Posted in Videos on December 7, 2010 by readmoremusic

Sorry, I have been delinquent. On the road blah blah blah.

Check out the new video for Lazy Susan by Sweet Thing.

tube your enthusiasm

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I have since lost touch with Gabe, but it’s still my favourite Halloween video.

What am I?

Posted in Videos on October 29, 2010 by readmoremusic

I’m not exactly sure what makes this so funny, all I know is that I laughed, out loud, alone at my desk the entire time.

Mine is Yours

Posted in Tunes, Videos on October 26, 2010 by readmoremusic

I guess Rolling Stone removed that stream of the new Cold War Kids single. You can listen to it below thanks to their record label, Downtown.

Funny story. I was talking to my loves YOURS about Cold War Kids, then minutes later saw the update from Cold War Kids about the RS stream. And guess what the new album is called? Mine is YOURS. Weird.

So in that vein, a YOURS video.

Now Listen: Birthday Boys

Posted in Now Listen, Videos on October 20, 2010 by readmoremusic

The Birthday Boys are an amazing band from Peterborough, ON. The dualing guitars and lead vocals allows one band to span a wide range of the rock ‘n roll spectrum. Graeme’s deep, bluesy voice powers through soulful rockers, whereas Jordan’s grating growl destroys the band’s ragers. Jer plays bass and chips in on background vocals, and Matt holds it down in the back on drums. They played a killer show in Vancouver last night and my ears are still ringing.

Check out their myspace HERE. The Drug and Apostles are my jams, but listen to them all!

“30 Songs in 30 Days” is an ambitious undertaking by the band to write a song every day on their current tour. You can follow their progress at the “30 Songs in 30 Days” website.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Day 5:

Day 19 on the set of Punk Wok: