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Goldstock Records

Posted in Biz, Internets on October 22, 2010 by readmoremusic

Goldstock Records is a new, indie label based out of Vancouver, BC, run by my friends, putting out records by my friends. What’s better than that?

Along with releasing some of the best rock/punk/indie records of late (have you HEARD Carpenter’s “Sea to Sky”?), they have a fabulous website. Check it out HERE, laugh, cry, listen and just be stoked about the state of independent music these days. I know I am.


Music biz lesson #1

Posted in Biz on October 12, 2010 by readmoremusic

If you want someone to represent your band:
a) don’t spam the person every day with emails and phone calls
b) don’t have a bullshit attitude when you phone and they’re too busy to take your call

I feel like this is a fairly simple concept.