Reasons I Hate WestJet

1 – only one checked bag.  If I wanted to pay $25 to get something where I’m going, I would have FEDEX’d it and saved myself the trouble of carrying it around all day.

2 – crappy entertainment service.  No on-demand?  Shitty TV?  No thanks.

3 – fake, “friendly” service.  I don’t want someone to tell me a stupid joke or ask me how my day is going.  It’s 5am, how do you think it’s going?  I just want you to get me on my way and leave me alone.

4 – no Aeroplan.  I want that Super Elite status, dammit!

5 -Limited service.  I can only fly to a select number of cities, during a select range of dates, at a select number of times.

6 – it’s not actually cheaper.  That’s the beauty of a two party system in the Canadian flight industry, one price-matches the other.

Now, I will begrudgingly board my WestJet flight.  Never again.


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