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I have since lost touch with Gabe, but it’s still my favourite Halloween video.


What am I?

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I’m not exactly sure what makes this so funny, all I know is that I laughed, out loud, alone at my desk the entire time.

Judging a book by its cover

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Star Wars and the Internets

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*(great band name?)

This post is AWESOME. The Entirety of “Star Wars: a New Hope” in one Facebook Thread.

Mine is Yours

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I guess Rolling Stone removed that stream of the new Cold War Kids single. You can listen to it below thanks to their record label, Downtown.

Funny story. I was talking to my loves YOURS about Cold War Kids, then minutes later saw the update from Cold War Kids about the RS stream. And guess what the new album is called? Mine is YOURS. Weird.

So in that vein, a YOURS video.

New Cold War Kids and Dan Winnick Love

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Their third LP “Mine is Yours” is due out in January. They gave Rolling Stone a sneak peek at the new single and some video footage of the recording.

The video won’t embed, so check it out HERE.

When I first met Dan Winnick I literally thought he was the guitar player for Cold War Kids. I mean, in my head, I realized that it made no sense for the guitar player of Cold War Kids to be hanging out in Vancouver, and even less sense for him to be cruising around with my good friends. But come on! The resemblance is uncanny. I tagged the guitar player (2nd from the left) in the photo below as Dan on Facebook, and a bunch of our friends actually thought it was him, so I’m not the only one!

Dan, despite my obsession with how much he looked like a member of a band he had never heard of, was super friendly and a barrel of laughs. I instantly felt like I’d known him for years. As so many have said before me, that was Dan’s way. He was GOOD and caring and kind to everyone he met. From that day forward, every time I see or hear Cold War Kids, I think of Dan. I hope you didn’t mind too much, friend.

Goldstock Records

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Goldstock Records is a new, indie label based out of Vancouver, BC, run by my friends, putting out records by my friends. What’s better than that?

Along with releasing some of the best rock/punk/indie records of late (have you HEARD Carpenter’s “Sea to Sky”?), they have a fabulous website. Check it out HERE, laugh, cry, listen and just be stoked about the state of independent music these days. I know I am.